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Music Festival

Celebrating 27+ years of musical excellence in Hudson, Massachusetts !

Highlights from past recitals.

About Jeannie

A star is born

Jeannie Crane started singing at a very young age.  Elementary school brought many opportunities to have solos in chorus and be involved in school plays. While starting the 6th grade, Jeannie wrote a song that she and her sister sang on the radio one evening in early September. The DJ (Larry Glick) from WBZ studio in Boston enjoyed it so much that he invited them to be guests on his show and record their song live on the air.
    In high school Jeannie started taking voice lessons when she was 15 years old and was a member of the Waltham, MA chorus, Jazz Choir and Show Choir. During her senior year she had the chance to travel abroad and sing in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands as Ambassadors from the USA. 
  After high school Jeannie studied Music Education and Vocal performance at the University of Lowell and Berklee College of Music in Boston. Jeannie had many performances in many groups throughout college. 
   Jeannie has worked with many Boston bands, has sung at many weddings, has sung in studio sessions and has performed on the Esplanade in Boston.  


There is one recital scheduled per year (in June). Students are not required to perform, but are encouraged to experience performing for an audience (and to show their family and friends how hard they have been working during the year).

There is a recital fee of $80.00 per student performer, which includes the performer and your guests, as well as light refreshments. This fee must be paid prior to performing in the recital.
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Hear from the students

Taking singing lessons with Jeannie is so much fun! She's amazing, very sweet and the most helpful teacher I've ever had! She lets me know exactly what I need to do to work on improving my voice. We have great conversations together and I always look forward to our lessons every week! I highly recommended her if you're looking for a singing teacher! Jeannie, you're the best!

When I found Jeannie she was legitimately a light at the end of the tunnel. Since a young age I have suffered from clinical depression. Singing has always seemed to be the one thing that would get me through my rough patches. Initially I joined singing lessons because I just wanted to start incorporating singing into my normal routine as a type of coping skill for me. I also had hopes of being able to build up more confidence to sing in public, rather than just (I'll admit it) in my room or the shower (ha ha)!! My very first lesson, despite how warm and inviting of a person she is, I was shaking, sweating and could hardly look her in the eye I was so nervous. Last week, after faithfully attending more of my lessons, I recorded a CD. I had someone sit in during my lesson where I stood holding the mic and was just going for it. I truly have been able to open up more, socially, and my days are a bit brighter. I look forward to the day where I may comfortably and confidently share my voice with a wider audience. I look forward to many memories with a great teacher and a lifelong friend.

Interested in testing out your voice?

 Summer lessons are a great way to introduce yourself to  voice lessons, without the added pressure of making a year long commitment. If you find that you are loving your summer voice lessons and wish to continue into the next school year, you will need to register for a new time slot, prior to the beginning of the school year.

​ Due to long term continuing students, your Fall lesson time slot may not be at the same time as your summer lesson. Please be advised that due to the high demand for Summer/Fall lessons, lesson availability is subject to change.

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