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What to expect from a voice lesson

Whether you are a seasoned professional, or just starting out as a singer, there is always something to be learned while receiving vocal instruction from a qualified teacher. Jeannie tailors each voice lesson to fit the needs of each and every individual  student.  Your voice lessons will be held on a weekly basis and with weekly practice, you will achieve the goals you have set yourself to achieve.

Once Jeannie has established the range in which your voice resides, each lesson begins with rudimentary vocal exercises, which help prepare you to sing the songs that you have chosen. It is important to warm up your voice properly, so that unnecessary strain and tension are not put on your vocal chords and diaphragm. This is comparable to stretching your muscles before performing any type of sporting activity. Not warming up your voice properly before singing is equivalent to not stretching before physically exerting yourself. Would you run five miles without preparing your body first?

  After being guided through the proper vocal exercises, you will then be able to begin learning songs of your choice. On occasion, Jeannie may choose a song for you to sing, so as to help you grow as a musician and widen your repertoire. Each song will be properly transposed into the key signature that is appropriate for your range. While practicing your songs, Jeannie will help you work on proper breathing and posture, as well as answer any questions you may have.

  Interested? Then please check out the schedule information page for available lesson times or simply contact Jeannie to speak with her directly

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